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Indianapolis police officer Rod Bradway killed in the line of duty

The area is mourning Officer Rod Bradway, 41, shot while responding to an early-morning domestic disturbance on the Northwestside. A second officer arrived at the scene during the gunfight and fatally shot the suspect, identified in police reports as 24-year-old Steven Byrdo.


  1. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released this heartbreaking and widely shared photo of Bradway with one of his two daughters. Bradway recently received the department's Medal of Bravery.
  2. Dozens of police cars lined the streets outside Wishard Hospital this morning, and officers covered their badges with black bands as a sign of mourning. Many departments took to Twitter to express their condolences.
  3. Mayor Greg Ballard canceled plans to attend a conference in Cologne, Germany and is returning to Indianapolis.
  4. A Facebook page created to honor Bradway had nearly 17,000 likes by mid-morning.
  5. The Star's Gary Varvel expressed the sentiments of many in his cartoon.
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  7. Dozens took to Twitter also to express their condolences and grief at Bradway's killing.