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"Hot Dog Legs": best new Tumblr!

Has it ever crossed your mind that if you put two hot dogs together (sans buns), they look like your view of your knees when you’re sitting down? That’s the idea behind my newest favorite Tumblr, "Hot-Dog Legs"!


  1. Are these legs, or hot dogs in the foreground? 
  2. That's the central riddle behind this hilarious "Hot-Dog Legs" Tumblr -- currently  sweeping the nation's Facebook walls and work email inboxes! Take a look through the trendy Tumblr's latest posts!
  3. Some of the photos are pretty obviously hot dogs. But the best of them ape the my-view-sitting-down-at-my-fabulous-vacation-destination shots our connections online have plagued us with all summer long!
  4. Hotdog legs 😂😂😂 #hotdog #hotdoglegs #hotdogleg
    Hotdog legs 😂😂😂 #hotdog #hotdoglegs #hotdogleg
  5. I've spent waaaay too much time today puzzling out some of these hot-dog legs. At first, I figured this one was hot dogs -- that skin is too smooth! If that's true, though, then how did the photographer procure hot-dog-sized sunglasses???
  6. Check out more hot-dog leg photos and decide for yourself which might be wieners! You and your coworkers will enjoy countless debates that mercifully distract you from actual productivity.
  7. But ... what do they MEAN?

    You can just laugh out loud at these hot-dog legs when a coworker sends you the link in the inter-office messaging system.
  8. Or you can overthink what some are now calling the Meme of the Summer. (Sorry, olinguito!)
  9. The Atlantic goes the overthinking route in its post on the red-hot Tumblr, critiquing these innocent hot-dog pics as an example of the body issues prevalent on social media:
  10. “The association of women's bodies to meat, and the blog's accompanying suggestion that its subjects aren't exactly human, is a centuries-old assertion of white male supremacy, notes Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory. ... Seeing women as a ‘piece of meat,’ she argues, is a form of victimization.”

    Can I just say that I didn’t think of women when I saw these photos ... I thought of LUNCH! And this:
  11. There are many trends on the Internet that I feel victimize and belittle women’s place in the world, but I don’t recognize this "Hot-Dog Legs" Tumblr as one of them.

    Even the Atlantic piece acknowledges that “sometimes, wieners are just wieners.”