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Hey, there's a movie being filmed in Indy right now - "Walter"

Have you spotted the movie "Walter" being filmed? According to, "Walter" is about a day in the life of "a son of God who has agreed to take upon the task of judging everyone he comes in contact with for his 'father,' that and being the ticket-taker/ticket-tearer at the local cineplex."


  1. I started noticing a few posts here and there this weekend from filming for "Walter" ... right here in Indianapolis in Fountain Square!
  2. On Reddit, filming was also noted on the Indianapolis subreddit board. DougIsLost commented: "I know a producer of this movie (he's from Indy). Was a short film. Optioned as a feature starring Justin Kirk (Weeds), Jim Gaffigan, Milo Ventimiglia, Virginia Madsen. Filming in and around Indy through Tuesday."
  3. That producer, according to, would be Brenden Patrick Hill -- who also plays the part of Lonnie in the film.
  4. The title character is played by Andrew J. West, a "Hey! It's that guy!" actor who's done several guest-starring stints around TV, but who is best known for 2009-2010's "Greek."
  5. Want to get a feel for the tone of the film? Watch the trailer at the link:
  6. Reddit user l3ri admitted this wasn't the greatest photo when he or she posted it: Filming happening right now in Fountain Square of movie Walter.
  7. "I found out after posting that Leven Rambin from the Hunger Games was the woman across the street we kept watching walk out of the FS Theater and down almost to Radio Radio,"  l3ri posted.
  8. "Wonder if they were the people doing filming for a movie in Speedway a couple days ago," commented ItsBug on Reddit.
  9. Have YOU spotted the movie being filmed? Tweet me @heycori or email me at!
  10. Some on social media have also been posting dribs and drabs about their glimpses behind and to the side of the scenes being filmed around the area.
  11. The film has a rudimentary website set up by now, featuring its director, Anna Mastro - a protege of "Charlie's Angels" director McG. Stay tuned!