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Dogs wearing pantyhose. Yes.

It's a thing, incredibly. Take a look!


  1. The website Laughing Squid says the meme burst forth from China and not, say, a dorm room somewhere in the United States.
  2. And this is what it looks like when you put pantyhose on dogs:
  3. No, this isn't a natural pose for your puppy.
  4. These dogs look so blase and mellow! You'd never see a cat this calm while wearing nylons. Or, really, anything.
  5. But all this begs the question in my mind ... do dogs take well to pantyhose? I mean, how do you get dogs to don their stockings? (Asking as a cat person, particularly - knowing my pets would scratch and shred those things inside of a minute!) Turns out there's a how-to video for putting pantyhose on dogs:
  6. How to put pantyhose on a dog.
  7. Since this video long predates the recent Chinese fad, I'm guessing they were using the pantyhose for a protective reason - say to guard the dog's hindquarters before heading out into a messy area of the outdoors.
  8. Now to the ultimate question: Is this fad hurtful to the dogs? Scientific American considered the question and decides that since the nylons restrict circulation and cut off urination, you shouldn't leave your dogs in pantyhose for long periods of time.
  9. The blog also goes on to note that this phenomenon says something about the remarkable intimacy and bond between dogs and their people. Remember:

    "Dogs let particular people put them in this silly getup. Dogs and pantyhose is made possible by a relationship.

    Behind dogs in pantyhose — and behind much of the dog-human relationship — is an immense amount of tolerance, often from dogs toward the people they live with. People do the silliest things with their companion dogs, things that, left to their own accord, dogs would not normally do."

  10. Seems like this is a fad that you should leave to strangers on the Internet. Show these to your canine friend and laugh about how silly these humans are with their pets!