Cat bearding: The newest feline Internet fad!

Have you tried a #catbearding photo with your favorite feline? Tag it with @heycori on Twitter or #heycori on Instagram, and I'll add it to my roundup!

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  1. Update, Friday May 24: Here's one reader's attempt!
  2. #heycori #catbeard success! I think Benjamin is gonna kill me in my sleep now...
  3. From Thursday, May 23:
  4. My interest was piqued by The Star's Wine Dude, Bob Scheer.
  5. I wondered if he meant cat BREADing ... 
  6. ... but Scheer quickly set me straight!
  7. Before the curiosity killed me, I was down the Internet rabbit (or is that cat?) hole known as Google to check out this latest thing! 
  8. Turns out a lot of other people were also hearing the buzz, too!
  9. Aaaaah! How is it that I'm just now finding out about cat bearding?!? This changes everything.
  10. I gave cat bearding a try with my own kitties ... 
  11. Cat bearding (the cat was not happy about it!)
  12. I snapped my iPhone shutter just by a whisker before Elvis twisted free of my grip. It's harder than you think!

    Turns out I'm not the only cat person having trouble getting cooperation!
  13. You guys!!! That was a LOT of pressure! #catbearding is MUCH more difficult than they make it look!… FWvr/
  14. "No I will not cat beard you, you sick fool!" #catbeard #fail
  15. A gentle but firm hand beneath the chin seems to do the trick - and stroking the cat's chin can't hurt in getting cooperation, either.
  16. Cat beard is REALLY HARD (this was chin strokes btw, not strangling!)
  17. Cat beard success !!!