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"Carmel" Sinkhole: Your posts


  1. We've got our very own sinkhole! It's on River Road near 96th and Keystone, and while it's not too large - 4 feet wide by 8 feet deep - it's big  enough that it damaged cars and caused one to fall into the earth Tuesday. 
  2. On Wednesday, it was causing traffic headaches today as crews worked to repair it. River Road north of I-465 was closed. 
  3. News of the sinkhole caught the imagination of people on social media on  Tuesday night.  Our story, and the photo of the 8-by-4-foot hole, got an eye-popping 77 shares on Facebook!
  4. As the online community discussed and dished, financial planner and Twitter wit Peter Dunn, aka @PeteThePlanner, unleashed the funny. Dunn  seized on its proximity to the upscale residents of Carmel - the denizens of which are frequent targets of his tweets. 
  5. The sinkhole inspired plenty of other amateur comedians, too. What's your favorite wisecrack? 
  6. To be sure, though: the #CarmelSinkhole hashtag was *not* geographically correct. That section of River Road is on the Indy side of the Marion-Hamilton county line. 
  7. Of course, there's a @CarmelSinkhole account now. Otherwise, I would have been very disappointed in Twitter.