500 Festival Mini Marathon: Your posts!

We're following along as you report what you see and do! Use #MiniMarathon or #IndyMini ... or tag me with @heycori on Twitter! I'd love to see your photos too when you #kissthebricks at the finish!

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  1. 11:30 a.m.: Congratulations to everyone who ran or walked the race today! Check IndyStar.com for our full stories, as well as photos and video from today's half-marathon and 5K!
  2. More great photos here from Twitter and Instagram:
  3. The crew! Brian of course, finished fast enough to have showered before we all made it back to the apartment... #borntorun #IndyMini @egracekuhns @lindsayburket
  4. Another half marathon under our belt. #running #indymini
  5. Kudos to the runners who are literally the walking wounded, with beaten-up feet! Ouch!
  6. In response to my earlier query about how much the wind affected those in the back part of the race:
  7. More great photos:
  8. 11:00 a.m.: A coworker, Kim Rogers, just walked in with his medal around his neck. He said the wind was blowing against the crowd in the back part of the race. Between the headwinds and the "mental game," he said, it was a struggle to finish. What did you experience?
  9. Lots of great photos keep being posted: