cheap car insurance 85225

cheap car insurance 85225cheap car insurance 85225


  1. cheap car insurance 85225
  2. cheap car insurance 85225
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://COVERAGEQUOTES.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. "Can't afford car insurance, parents won't help?"
  6. OK im 17 and a guy. I passed my test about a month ago so i can drive :) My parents agreed that they would pay insurance for me if i paid for lessons and the car. Ive saved up for years and scrounged all the money i have and had just enough. Anyway i now only have 1500 left and i cant find any car insurance near to that. My dad keeps saying he will do it one evening but its been a month so i asked him today because he had nothing to do, and he just started shouting at me for always going on and i should go get a '******* job because im a lazy little ****'. This is pretty unfair as i work hard at school, get straight A's, never in trouble with the police like most people who live near and don't drink or do drugs unlike most my friends. How should i get him to pay for it, its not even though he's paying all of it, im putting up prob 60% of it and he promised to pay for all of it :("
  7. Is the insurance for a Mazda 6 expensive?
  8. i want to know
  9. Do I need to declare to my insurance company If I change my alloy wheels.?
  10. It currently has the factory 16 alloy wheels on but 2 of them are buckled. I don't want to buy new ones the same as this seems to be a common problem with ford fiesta alloys so was thinking of replacing them with the same size alloys of a different brand. Do I have to declare this to my insurance company?
  11. How much time do you have to get car insurance after buying a car?
  12. I'm considering buying a car insurance, I've been driving for years but none of the cars have actually been in my name and my mom has me on her plan. If I buy a car I'll need insurance, how much time would I have to get it?"
  13. How much would my insurance be?
  14. I am a 17 year old male and I'm looking a getting a ford mustang. I am trying to get a 2008 v6 4.0 L convertible is my car insurance going to be rediculously high?
  15. What happens if you are about 10 days late paying for your car insurance?
  16. School is about to start, and i have an insurance payment coming up on the same week i needed money the most to pay for school supplies including a graphing calculator that costs over $100. If i spend this money, i won't be able to afford car insurance till the week after and i might be 7-10 days late paying for car insurance. Will anything bad happen if i'm late?"
  17. How much would full coverage auto insurance in California cost if i've had my license for 9 1/2 years?
  18. Plus a good driving record & I am 29 years old.
  19. How much would the insurance be on this car?
  20. A ford ka 2001 around 56,000 miles and I am a new driver 17"
  21. Car insurance question?
  22. The other week, my dumb *** relative backed into my parked car. Essentially, he could of saved himself two grand if he bothered to turn and look like he was supposed to. My question and PLEASE only answer with relative/helpful information: If I don't use a rental during the time my vehicle gets repaired, will it lower his costs with his provider? Or will it not matter? I only ask because, though an idiot, is still family (plus his parents are being ******* cause their kid can do no wrong if you know what I mean). So if not using the rental will help with his rates/etc. let me know."
  23. Reg Car Insurance and Road Tax?
  24. Hi, My car insurance ran out. My road tax ran out last month. I applied for SORN and have one for my car. Now the problem is i want to tax my car. I dont want to take an insurance for a whole year. Is there a chance where i can get a pay as you go insurance for just a month and get it taxed for 6 months. Will they give me a tax disc from the post office if i have only a 30 day car insurance cover. Let me know"
  25. "50cc bike insurance, need help!?