@kmart's debacle with #fab15toys

With the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre permeating the news yesterday, @kmart and hundreds of toy-hungry tweeters dove into a #fab15toys twitterchat and toy giveaway. Below is an incomplete, chronological pick of few participants' stunningly contradictory tweets. Read to the bottom.


  1. Three hours after the Sandy Hook carnage, @Kmart is still excited to start giving away toys.  Marketing plan on auto-pilot. 
  2. Posted at 12:56, four minutes before the #Fab15toys chat was set to begin, this next tweet, if nothing else in the din of media coverage, should have been a clear signal to call things off. 
  3. This tweet, which doesn't include the #Fab15Toys hashtag, gives witness to the fact that other toy giveaways were also underway on Twitter at the same moment.