What are the best wooden shutters for bay windows?

If you are looking for window shutters the finest quality made-to-measure designs find out why people choose S:CRAFT shutters.


  1. There are various window styles in modern times. It may be Victorian or may be bay window style among other styles. Irrespective of the style of the window, window treatment is essential. The window treatment approach should fit the size and the designs of the window. Such treatments include; curtains, drapery, blinds and shutters.

    S:craft window Shutters are normally the best window treatments. They come in different styles and they are healthy since they do not absorb dust. They are therefore ideal for the Georgian bay window style. With great designs, they completely change the appearance of the bay windows. Shutters are normally made from different materials to suit different environments.

    Material used to make window shutters

    • Metal

    Metallic window shutters are mostly made from iron and aluminum. They are durable and resistant to adverse weather and physical conditions. They are ideal for places where hurricanes normally occur.
    These shutters can painted or cut to different sizes to suit different window sizes and designs. They can be prone to rusting and therefore regular repainting may be required.

    • Plastic shutters

    These shutters are readily available .They are waterproof and therefore ideal for humid environments. These shutters cannot be stained or painted and would not therefore be ideal where painting is essential .They are commonly used in bathroom windows. They may appear in different shapes and the sizes and the choice relies on the home owner.

    Wood window shutters

    These are the most common window shutters. They are readily available and can be made into different designs .Wood shutters can be stained or painted to suit the designs of any room. They appear in varying shapes and sizes. These shutters are normally made of solid core wood.

    Not all types of wood are ideal for making window s:craft shutters such woods include:

    * Oak

    This is a very great hardwood. Although this wood is normally hard and can withstand a lot of pressure and adverse weather condition, it is not the best choice for window shutters. Oak is normally very heavy and it is not easily painted. The shutters made from this wood are usually prone to warping and are therefore not reliable. They require pre drilling which is tiresome.

    * Maple

    Just like oak, maple is a heavy wood. This weight is normally too much to mount on windows. It is ideal for other type of furniture mostly bedroom and dining furniture. It is also requires pre drilling of the window jambs and the louvers made from this wood are difficult to tension appropriately.

    Woods that are suitable for shutters are normally light-weight, easy to paint and usually have smooth surfaces. Most of these woods are normally easily accessible while others grow in unique world places. The type of wood used tom make the shutters should be taken into account as it influences other important factors such design, quality and prices of the wooden bay window shutters.

    Woods suitable for bay window s:craft shutters

    1. Poplar

    This is a relatively heavy wood. It is ideal for the shutters that are to be painted. The mineral streaks and the green color of this wood would not allow staining. It is inexpensive and easily obtained. The finished product from this wood are of a relative lower quality compared to other types of window shutter making woods. It is therefore not the best quality material to use although its products are normally pocket friendly.

    2. Cedar

    This tree produces very soft wood. The wood can be easily scratched but it offers very fine finishing. It is ideal for external window shutters and long lasting as it is resistant to decay and bugs requiring little maintenance.

    3. Permawood

    This would make one of the most durable window shutters. Permawood is normally a wood core covered with plastic ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene) which makes them waterproof increasing their lifespan. They are ideal cold regions and in humid air environments such as the bathrooms.

    4. Bermuda shutters

    These are made of wood composite .They are light, easy to install and require less maintenance. They have attractive and clean lines that improve the general beauty of the window shutters made from them. Shutter made from this wood may be easy to paint or stain.

    5. White teak

    The white teak trees are largely grown in the island of Kolombangara and northeast of Australia

    The shutters made from white teak are normally known as Sumatra. This wood allows smooth finishing; this is due to the tightly fixed shinny grains on its surface. It is light weight making installation easy and the window jambs can easily withstand its weight.

    6. Larch

    These trees are mostly found in Europe, Russia and North America .This wood is popularly known for building of waterproof products such as boats and yachts and its smoothness, it is usually free from knots .Larch wood is also tough and can withstand adverse weather conditions for a longer period of time. In addition, this wood can also be easily painted or stained to suit different house design needs

    7. Basswood

    This is the most common used wood when making wood shutters. It is found in North America mostly in Canada. This wood produces very fine and straight shutters ideal for Georgian Bay window styles. Moreover, basswood has a uniform texture with distinct grains. It is light and easy to mount and can easily painted or stained according to home owner’s specifications. This wood is normally the best choice when making durable, high quality and appealing wood shutters.

    What to consider when choosing the right wood for bay window s:craft shutters

    * Versatility

    Different windows are made in different designs and sizes. Bay windows normally appear in varying shapes.

    The best wood used to make bay window shutters should be versatile and flexible to suit different window shape and sizes. The wood should not be prone to warping.

    * Durability

    Durable window shutters maintain the appearance and beauty of a house for a longer period of time. This also enables the home owner saves on maintenance costs. Therefore, the wood used to make bay window shutters should be resistant to different weather conditions, decay or even bugs. When a weak type of wood is used, reinforcement is normally done using other materials probably plastics.

    * Staining and painting

    For a complete and appealing home décor finish, painting or staining of different elements is required. The type of stain or paint applied on bay window shutters depend on the tastes of the home owner. There are some woods that are ideal for both staining and painting while others allow painting only. The right decision should be made to produce the desired results.

    * Quality

    Quality raw material lead to quality finished products. The higher the quality of the wood used to make the s:craft window shutter, the higher the quality of the shutter. High quality wood should be strong, smooth and should offer great finishing. The best type of wood to use for window shutters should be light, readily available and should produce the desired results.

    For the best and the most cost effective window treatment, wood window shutters are the best choice. They are normally easy to maintain are relatively less expensive .The choice of the shutter to use solely depends on the home owner and making the right choices leads to restoration of the elegance of any room