The importance of curation for journalists

I have been experimenting with a number of curation tools in an attempt to try to understand better the value, power and collaborative benefits of sharing information via social media. What is clear is that it takes work and that sharing doesn't always come naturally to our hunter-gatherer nature.


  1. I attempt to try out, or at least read about, the many new tools that  might enhance journalism. The latest category I am experimenting with are some of the many curation tools that are free to download.

    As a result I have accounts with Bundlr,, Pearltrees and (and a few more).  Each serves a slightly different purpose, and the usability and layout is completely different in most cases.

    However has, so far, won me over, simply because it is so easy to use.  I now have five curation sites on They are, as follows ...

    1: Social Media Kitbag
  2. The aim of the social media kitbag curation site is to try to keep across the many tools that seem to be appearing every day, and which could be benefitial to journalists in their story-telling.

    However, as I started to curate these tools I realised that the category quickly expanded to content management systems, search engines and research sites.

    What I needed were some categories. provides this - in a way - by offering tagging. You just tag each entry with key words and you create a drop down list.

    An improvement would be to make this list visible all the time as a sort of navigation. 

    The second curation site I set up was ...

    2: Newsroom Convergence
  3. The reason for the newsroom convergence curation site is that the social media kitbag of tools makes most sense as part of an integrated, converged newsroom strategy.

    I have been consulting on setting up converged newsrooms around the world for more then 10 years and know that they save costs, increase efficiency, improve quality control and aid business development by making it easier to create new products from existing resources.

    The onus is on the media companies to formulate a social media strategy that plays out in all content production. I decided it would be good to gather and share as many resources I could about the convergence process.

    The third curation site is also linked ...

    3: Hyperlocal News
  4. The hyperlocal news curation site is important because, once a media organisation has created a converged/integrated newsroom and set out its social media strategy it will, as a direct result, start to find stories that are being broken by their audience.

    There has always been hyperlocal news, it's just that social media makes it so much easier to find that news and join the conversation in order to participate in that news.

    All media organisations need a hyperlocal news strategy.

    The fourth curation site is about the ethics that should underpin all we do as journalists. It is meant to be a collection of the best resources about editorial ethics online.

    4: Editorial Ethics
  5. The fifth curation site is for journalists.

    I was asked by Taptu to guest curate a new stream for the My Taptu app on  iPhone, Android and iPad, so I set about asking people via Twitter for their suggestions.

    I soon reached the 20 sites the team at My Taptu had requested, although I might drop some and add others as more suggestions come in.

    5: Top Sites For Journalists
  6. All five sites are open for comments and suggestions. .

    Alternatively, please tweet me @helpingmedia and I will respond. If you add the hashtag #mhmsm that will populate a field in my Tweetdeck and Hootsuite and make selection a bit easier.

    Happy hunting, gathering and sharing.