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Ole Miss students react to ASB flag debate

Tonight, senators from the Associated Student Body met for over 3 hours to debate and vote on a resolution to encourage the removal of the Mississippi state flag from the University of Mississippi campus. The resolution passed 33-15-1. Social media was abuzz on this historic evening, and we’ve gathered students’ responses to tonight’s debate and vote. The Ole Miss supports respectful conversation regarding others’ opinions on the topic, and the below opinions are not necessarily representative of those of The Ole Miss editorial staff or of the Ole Miss Student Media Center.


  1. Many students watched the live stream of the debate on campus or from their personal computers.
  2. The questions and debate continued to push back the vote, leaving many students anxious for a decision to be made.
  3. Immediately before the vote, students took to Twitter to voice their closing thoughts.
  4. After the vote was announced, many students voiced how proud they were of ASB and the decision made tonight.
  5. Amongst the celebrations were voices of disagreement and concern for the decision made.