#teachtheweb at #etug by Telling it on the Mountain

At this year's Spring ETUG Workshop - Tell it on the Mountain on June 6-7, I was given the opportunity to host a 90-min hands-on workshop on #PopcornMaker.


  1. On June 7, early Friday morning, my co-facilitators @sandra_rogers and @clintlalonde helped me setup the Computer Lab inside the @SFU library.
  2. @knicknack from UBC shared her popcorn project with folks at ETUG and on twitter, it was then retweeted by @clintlalonde.
  3. All of these twitter popcorn project sharing generated great interests!  Yay for#webmakerwin
  4. Resources on my Popcorn Maker workshop can be found at the etherpad, and @mpaskevi even tweeted it out for me, awesome!
  5. There seems to be a lot of interests from #highed educators on integrating #popcornmaker as a common #edtech tool in #e-learning.  Hopefully there would be other opportunities to showcase the tool and deliver similar workshops in the future to other institutions & organizations.