Users express outrage and indifference at Klout score change

Some were angry at dropped Klout scores; others claim to be too hip to give credence to such an irrelevant metric. Were you angry enough to make a video or did you shrug off the storm in a teacup?


  1. Yesterday, Klout announced a revised algorithm for calculating its influence scores. While many folks have criticized Klout scores as not being reflective of the true level of influence that users have, apparently many still give credence to the number. The basic report is here:
  2. This hysterical animation shows the side of the detractors, who find Klout scores vain and self-referential:
  3. The change in the Klout calculation algorithm downgraded many users' Klout scores, resulting in the mock rebellion against Klout with the hastily-created Twitter account @OccupyKlout and the related hashtag, #OccupyKlout.
  4. Comparisons to another foolhardy business decision by a well-know consumer corporation didn't go amiss.
  5. Fortunately, most tech writers adopted the response of shrugging and telling us we're still pretty. Which we are.
  6. Others tried to explain and justify the explanation given (the score is now based on how many people you influence, how much you influence them and how influential they are).
  7. What was your reaction to the Klout change? Outrage, shrug, a need for immediate validation?