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The Next Generation of Data Viz @ #NICAR14

Alberto Cairo, University of Miami, leads a morning session entitled "Insight and Enlightenment: The Future of News Visualization."


  1. Y'all ready for this? #nicar14
    Y'all ready for this? #nicar14
  2. Storify compiled by Heather Martino
  3. "I was really quite impressed that 950 people are registered here." - Alberto Cairo
  4. Alberto Cairo's reputation precedes him with some fans. 
  5. Alberto's Presentation

    "We focus too much on the tools." - Alberto Cairo 
  6. "I do believe that all journalists should learn the basics of code." - Alberto Cairo
  7. "I do believe we should all learn some code but I think the future of visualization doesn't depend on the tools we use, but on solid principles." - Alberto Cairo
    A visualization tool that lets you search for any american TV show and it will show you the episode ratings. 
  9. Visualizing Buffy was made using D3. It was a project that Cairo's advised for his student's Masters Research Project.
  10. Do projects like this represent the future of visualization? Yes, they do! From the point of view of tools, sure, but...
  11. The Future Defined by Principles

    Instead of thinking what the future of visualization will be, perhaps I should talk about what I would like the future of news visualization to be based on some core principles we should all respect of follow:

  12. What are the features that define a great infographic or data visualization?