1. News anchors are defined as presenters of news bulletins. They are essential to the field of broadcast journalism and may present news via television, radio or Internet.

    But who were the original news anchors?

  2. According to Margaret Morse, via The Museum of Broadcast Communications:

    "The most commonly cited source of the term is the television news coverage of the 1952 Republican presidential conventions; the metaphor is borrowed, not as one might expect, from the nautical realm, but from the strongest runner of a relay team, the anchorman, who runs the final leg of the race."

    The term "anchor man" was used to describe Walter Cronkite's role at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

  3. While Walter Cronkite is a notorious pioneer news anchor, he is accompanied by the likes of Douglas Edwards, John Cameron Swayze, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley and Dave Garroway.

    Dave Garroway hosted the Today show when it first aired on January 14, 1952. He began the first Today show with this introduction:

    "Well here we are, and good morning to you.The very first good morning of what I hope and suspect will be a great many good mornings between you and me. Here it is, January 14, 1952, when NBC begins a new program called Today and, if it doesn"t sound too revolutionary, I really believe this begins a new kind of television."

  4. A 1952 Documentary on Television, with Dave Garroway!!!
  5. In the above video, Dave Garroway introduces us to the television broadcasts of the 1950s.