#dh/#dhist: Party of One

I'm perfectly all right eating by myself in restaurants (actually, I enjoy it). But showing up in DH as an individual scholar working on a small, singular project still prompts an existential crisis. @Zoe_LeBlanc's Twitter thread yesterday gave me a lot of hope - and a lot to think about.


  1. Kryptos, Brigita Ozolins
    Kryptos, Brigita Ozolins
  2. Start here.

  3. Yes and amen and hallelujah. I know individuals can do meaningful, even transformative, DH (like Amanda Visconti's Infinite Ulysses). But flipping the question to ask: Can I do meaningful #dighist work? That's another story...
  4. On Imposter Syndrome

  5. Imposter syndrome is kind of my jam... I don't code, I'm still figuring out Voyant, there are tools mentioned in this thread that I haven't even heard of. But okay. The lesson here, I think, is that imposter syndrome isn't alleviated through the building of skills. Scholars who can do impressive DH things (like building a web app) still experience it.
  6. I'm starting to think the only cure is to just claim space in the field, seek critical feedback from more experienced DH scholars who can help you grow, and plow ahead like you belong in DH/Digital History.
  7. On how much work doing #dhist - and learning #DH skills in the process - really is.

  8. I have the good fortune that my committee recognizes and encourage the additional going into the digital parts of my dissertation. But it's still a lot of extra work.
  9. How to keep growing. How to get that #dissertation done.

  10. Alas - no magical Matrix brain dumping followed in the thread. Just lots of solid, simple advice for how to gain DH wisdom, including collaborating with librarians, finding blog posts from experienced DHers, creating a space for sharing ideas, and attending workshops and boot camps.
  11. I've been plugging into and gaining steadily through engagement with librarians, workshops, and online resources - but my project still feels immense (and immensely time consuming). @scholar_farmer's tweets were a balm and an invitation to step back and consider a digital dissertation as only part of a life's work.
  12. Gratitude.

  13. Finally - this. That question of what to do now and what to set aside in a file for later will be a constant in my process, I think. But it's encouraging to know I'm in good company.