#onsci: What's in store for science in 2012 - Part 2

The first #onsci chat for 2012 was broad and fast, so we've broken it into chunks. Part 2 covers 'open access' which started as a 'big thing for science in 2012' from Q2 and then went on to be a question on it's own.


  1. The discussion on open access started as a side conversation during question 2, persisted though question 3 on science education (see Part 3) and then was addressed specifically in question 4. The discussion started with some general comments about open access. (For those not sure what open access is, here's the link to wikipedia's entry.)
  2. One open access tool was mentioned ...
  3. ... which prompted a general discussion about acceptance of open access within the scientific community and ways that it could gain more acceptance ...
  4. The issue of 'opposition' to open access and the challenges posed by it continued as part of question 4