Global launch of the 2016 Human Development Report "Human Development for Everyone"

The latest Human Development Report was released on 21 March 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. The new Human Development Report celebrates the impressive progress achieved since 1990 but also looks beyond averages to see who has been left behind and why.

  1. Human Development Report 2016 ‘Human Development for Everyone’
  2. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven praised the Human Development Report for "putting pressure on us as leaders around the world to keep pushing our ambitions forward. Leaving no one behind needs to be the way we operate as an international community."
  3. UNDP Administrator Helen Clark explained that the groups of people who have been systematically excluded face deep and persistent barriers. "They become much more vulnerable to the impact of shocks and crises". Yet, "Human development for everyone is not a dream - it is attainable."
  4. Isabella Lovin, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, highlighted two key issues of our time, also central in the 2016 Human Development Report: climate change and gender equality.
  5. Lead author Selim Jahan, Director of the Human Development Report Office, reminded the audience that universalism is at the core of the human development approach. Every human being counts and every human life is equally valuable: "Human development is not for the few, not even for the most, but for everyone".
  6. The Human Development Report Offices newest feature, the HDRO App, was also launched at the event. Users can now access global rankings, national statistics and the full library of Human Development Reports on their smartphones
  7. Over 200 guests attended the global launch of the 2016 Human Development Report in Stockholm, and thousands more followed live around the world!
  8. Coverage of the 2016 Human Development Reports key findings and messages has already begun in some of the worlds leading media:
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