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HBRchat: Overcome Your Work Addiction

Highlights & more from Harvard Business Review's HBRchat held on May 24, 2012. For more information and to view the highlights from previous HBRchats, visit:


  1. When asked about our work, many of us lament longer hours and the fact that, because our mobile device is never far from reach, we're "always on."


    But even in this hyper-connected age, are our jobs really that inescapable? Or are we just making them that way?


    This week's #HBRchat is based on the HBR blog post "Overcome Your Work Addiction" by Leslie Perlow, HBS professor, and author of Sleeping with Your Smartphone.


    Q1: Why do you think so many of us consider ourselves "always on"?


    Q2: How can we manage work & our own behavior so that we get meaningful "off" time?


    Q3: What can organizations do to help employees feel less tethered to their work?

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