HBR Chat: The Future of Mobile Marketing

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  1. Those itsy-bitsy ads on your smartphone? They don’t work and no one likes them, says Harvard Business School’s Sunil Gupta. In his article from HBR’s March issue, “For Mobile Devices, Think Apps, Not Ads,” Gupta says that instead of buying tiny banner ads, marketers should create apps that add value to consumers’ lives and enhance long-term engagement with their brands. His research shows that consumers are most won over by apps that do the following: add convenience, offer unique value, provide social value, give incentives, or entertain.




    Q1: Are mobile ads an effective way to reach consumers? Why? 

    Q2: Do you agree w/ @guptsunil's premise that marketers should create apps not ads? 

    Q3: How can marketers best reach and engage people via mobile? Examples of creative approaches you’ve seen?

    Q4: What mobile apps do you use most and why? 

    Q5: What apps do you have that you never use?