Disaster Resilience Education at #SLAVConf

In a presentation at the SLAV Conference on 16 August 2013 I talked about Disaster Resilience Education and a project I am working on with Red Cross called Educating the Educators. This Storify has been created to support that presentation by providing access to resources shown.

  1. Background: why is Disaster Resilience important?

  2. Don't Give Up - Christchurch Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal Song
  3. Lessons Save Lives: The Story of Tilly Smith
  4. Resource Mapping

  5. Australian Disaster Resilience Education Resources have been mapped to the Australian Curriculum.
    A report will be available through the AEMI Schools website and Knowledge Hub
  6. Some useful sites for teachers and students that were mentioned:
  7. Challenge based learning

  8. Adam's video was a lightbulb moment for the project
  9. Challenge Based Learning - Resilience
  10. Video competition for secondary school students

  11. The official website - redcross.org.au/videocomp - for the competition will be available from Monday 19 August 2013.
  12. Some good resources to help students create their video can be found here:
  13. Web 2.0 tools used for the project

  14. I can't imagine not using Diigo (or another social bookmarking tool) to organise my own bookmarks but it really comes into its own as a collaboration tool.
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