How the WikiLeaks-Forum Became an FBI Shooting Gallery

For approximately four months (@wikileaks_forum)'s security was very likely compromised by the FBI and became nothing other, than yet another - means to spy on the supporters of WikiLeaks.

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  1. 'Siggi' Sigurdur Thordarson was a co-founder and administrator of In June 2011 he contacted 'Sabu' Hector Xavier Monsegur of Lulzsec. 'Sabu' was an FBI informer.
  2. From this point onwards 'Siggi' was compromised. During a 4 month period lasting until 2nd September 2011,  'Siggi' had access to the's internal communications between supporters, as well as forum users personal login and registration data. Considering the dragnet nature of the FBI's activities against all activist groups, this is a serious breach of the now defunct forum's security.
  3. While 'Siggi' was happy to announce his work as a paid FBI informer, which included handing over 8 WikiLeaks hard-drives and 2,000 pages of chat logs to the FBI; he attempted to deny his role in, where he had access to the private information of 15,000 members. This is because the betrayal of these forum members would not fit comfortably with his chosen rationale for betraying WikiLeaks: that he is a "WikiLeaks whistleblower" and not someone who cynically betrayed WikiLeaks to escape criminal prosecution for a string of illegal activities. Indeed, 'Siggi' has just been sentenced by the Reykjanes District Court to 8 months in prison for sexual assault against a 17 year old boy.
  4. In January 2013 had vigorously denied the discovery of crude spyware embedded within one of the forum's most important posts: 
  5. While the spyware discovery was concerning, defence of its integrity was chilling. This 'defence' went far beyond rhetoric (see below) and may indicate whether the private information of 15,000 WikiLeaks supporters, held by the forum, is secure:
  6. Recently answered questions about it's association with a known FBI informant and the implications this revelation has to anyone who has ever visited or set up a forum account: