5 psychological tricks to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend

Use these psychological tricks to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, so that he/she will want you back and regret having left. These tips will have a psychological effect in the mind of your ex, make you miss, and so it will be possible to recover it(to).


  1. Most of the times when the relationships end up the people involved are feeling inconsolable, that makes them very sad, distressed and even to stop thinking in enjoy the life and take care of themselves. You lost to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and want to come back. Sometimes, it is important to love and be happier than before, to make sure that your ex starts to feel the lost love and affection of this is that you will return. Although get your ex back with text your ex back you is not a simple task, especially when the break up was too dramatic and even worse when your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend have a new person in your life. But do not worry, for you to succeed here, you are provided the best psychological tricks to get your ex again without forcing him(to).

    Here you will find some techniques to implement them you'll have to muster the courage, be brave and keep your emotions in check. It's a gamble that you should learn to master because it will make you more confident(or) and more and happy with yourself(or). Before using these tips to psychological get your ex back, you must first overcome the sadness in you and this can be consummate by spending more time with your friends instead of being alone(or). Once you have overtaken or dominated the pain of separation and then recently you'll be able to use those tricks more effectively.

    First answers to these questions

    Once you feel better about the bad time and the anguish of the breakup, then before you begin, you must answer this series of questions. Maybe this sounds a bit weird, but you are going to assist in making the decision if it's truly worth consuming your energy in making your ex want to get back with you.

    Question number 1: do you Remember the past? It is important to remember how well you were treated by your ex in the past when they were together.

    Question number 2: does The relationship made you happy? Measures both happiness and sadness that made you deal with this relationship. Checks to see if the put in the balance the happiness and the sadness, what weighs more?

    Question number 3: why you want your ex back? Do you(a) want back because you can't believe that he/she refused and left you and you want revenge? If these are the reasons, then let go of this relationship to be happy.