Matt Waite Predicts: In Five Years, Drone Journalism Will Be Commonplace

Matt Waite, who teaches journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, spoke about ethical and legal issues and practical ones surrounding drone journalism during a talk at the 2014 Journalism Interactive conference at UMD today. And then he let one rip around the auditorium.


  1. But Waite does not recommend making drones readily available for students to use. Student safety needs to be considered, he said.
  2. Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration has a number of restrictions in place for who can fly and for what reasons, Waite told the crowd of educators, students and journalists.
  3. And ethical issues abound, Waite said. Should drones -- which are very noisy -- be used to collect video footage of grief-stricken families? he asked.
  4. Waite spent the early part of his talk on some basics:
  5. Waite made a number of jokes -- verbal and visual:
  6. He had some sage advice before he flew his drone:
  7. How could drones be used journalistically?