Harvard Celebrates Earth Month 2013

For one day every year the world celebrates the birth of the modern-day environmental movement on April 22, Earth Day. At Harvard, we take it to the next level celebrating our commitment to sustainability and a healthier planet with a month-long series of events and activities.

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  1. Here at Harvard, Earth Month is about community. This year, one of the many ways we activated and celebrated community was through connectivity. From using the hashtag #greenharvard, to community pledge blackboards, a fill in the blank campaign with Harvard Business School, to a fun Earth Month Photo Booth, the Harvard campus came together to address what each of us can do for the future of the planet. 
  2. Help us celebrate #earthmonth #harvard. Share your photos on #instagram and #twitter with #greenharvard to join in!
  3. In honor of Earth Month, Harvard Housing Sustainable Community Leaders asked “For the Future of our Planet... What will you do?” 
    Couldn’t visit the boards in person? Leave your commitment in the facebook album. 
  4. #Harvard Housing #community blackboard and #art project going strong! People answer: For the future of our planet I will....#greenharvard #earthday
  5. Harvard Business School partnered with the Office for Sustainability to pose a similar question on facebook and twitter:
  6. They also asked community members on campus.
  7. Here are the answers.
  8. Check out this awesome video also from Harvard Business School on sustainability efforts and progress at their campus. Way to go!
  9. Happy Earth Day from HBS
  10. The FAS Green Program installed a "Green" Photo Booth in the lobbies of CGIS North and South and the lobby of Dudley Cafe. They asked members of the Harvard community to pick up a white board and a frame, to write their pledge, and have a friend take a photo. Photos were included in the album below.

     For the future of our planet, what will YOU do?
  11. Elson, an FMO Custodian from the #science center says he will "Eat #Less #Meat" #greenharvard #earthmonth #pledge