2016 Harvard Commencement: Commencement Day

This collection shows events at Harvard University's 365th Commencement on Thursday, May 26, 2016. Share your moments via #Harvard16 on Twitter and Instagram.


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  2. The Morning Exercises of the 365th Commencement began at 9 a.m., following a procession of alumni, advanced degree candidates, and College seniors.

  3. Morning Exercises | Harvard Commencement 2016
  4. Today we join the #Harvard #commencement. 
#tradition #Harvard16
    Today we join the #Harvard #commencement. #tradition #Harvard16

  5. Three student orators addressed the crowd, remarking on their experiences at the University, and offering advice and perspective to graduates.

  6. Anne Power, Latin speaker
  7. “It’s so fun — it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle,” said Power, who is graduating with a classics concentration and a secondary in art history. “I like that you can take the separate pieces and put them together and suddenly you have a sentence, and that sentence can be thousands of years old. It’s a direct connection not only to the person who wrote it but also to the untold generations who’ve translated it before you.”
  8. Latin Orator Anne Power | Harvard Commencement 2016
  9. Joshuah Campbell, undergraduate speaker
  10. “I hope that [listeners] will go away more OK being, for lack of a better word, unapologetic,” Campbell said. “Unapologetic and OK with a notion of themselves that is perhaps imperfect, that is willing to take risks, to be playful, to not back down in a way that would hinder them from being self-expressive and having meaningful interactions with other people.”
  11. Undergraduate Speaker Joshuah Campbell | Harvard Commencement 2016
  12. Jiang He, graduate speaker
  13. “I have experienced the drastic contrasts of rural and modern life, and have seen how knowledge and technology are unequally distributed,” Jiang said. “We could easily help so many people in the underdeveloped world by sharing and communicating the knowledge we have in the modern world to these people. That really motivated me to write the speech and bring this message to the others. [I hope] to trigger Harvard graduates to rethink our mission as we start our next voyage.”
  14. Graduate Speaker Jiang He | Harvard Commencement 2016

  15. The University awarded a total of 7,727 degrees and 11 certificates.