Zombie LARP @ Gamecamp2011

Coverage of the 12:30 and 3.30ish sessions at Gamecamp.


  1. In case you missed either session at Gamecamp, Zombie LARP is an absurd amount of fun. Roleplaying, costume, most of the things that make many nervous about LARP - are entirely optional unless you want to go there. 

    But that's the key - if you want to. At its most basic: it's running around shooting at zombies with foam dart guns before inevitable death. I mean, really? What's not to love?

    The version played at Gamecamp was a little stripped down from how it normally operates. Survivors at Zombie LARP games I've been to can survive being tagged by a zombie 3 times, at Gamecampo it was only once. I've played with additional rules bolted on for different character archetypes you might find hanging around a Zombie Apocalypse, if you want to go further than yer' basic Survivor. Some of those can use some of the other classic means of defeating the evil dead: fireaxes, baseball bats, machetes, fire extinguishers... (Recreated in foam, but looking pretty good in the half-light of a zombie-infested hallway...)

    But even in ultra-shortened form; it was, as ever, ace.

  2. So, I was a little too busy to tweet. But I didn't die, which puts me 1 from 4 for survival in Zombie LARP...

    And it was such fun, they ran it again later...
  3. The Tommy gun in question. #gc4
    The Tommy gun in question. #gc4