The Changing Face Of Real Estate

Learn how real estate hunting has changed over the years.


  1. The world of real estate has undergone some major changes in the past decade. Right from finding the right mediator, to help in finding a good property, to the actual buying process, everything has changed.

  2. Old Ways

    Ten years ago if a person wanted to buy or sell a property, he would have had to find a local real estate agent. This search would have required the person to physically drive around the town and locate a good real estate agent. The local directory would have been their only help in this search. Once a good agent would have been zeroed down on by him, the next step would have been sitting in the agent’s office and going through the bundles of papers showing the listing of various active properties. This list would have been prepared by the local Multiple Listing service (MLS).

    After having spent hours sniffing through the listings, he would have shortlisted few properties, which on paper seemed to serve their purpose. The next step would be to physically tour all the shortlisted properties and try and zero in on the best property for himself. Next would come the finding of the correct market price of the property. This would again require the individual to physically make more trips to the site and contact the local authorities in order to find the correct market price of the property. In spite of spending so much time and effort, there would still be no guarantee that all the needed information about the property would be made available to him and that the information that is provided to him will be 100% correct.

    Present Day Property Search

    Today, like in every other field, property search has become completely dependent on the internet. The act of property search starts from the internet itself. All that one needs to do is to type in the locality where they want the property, and also other criteria which they require the property to possess, in order to make it suitable for their needs. A simple search on the Google search engine with the above details will present before you all the possible property options in the desired location. To increase the number of options, all one needs to do is reduce the number of criteria and to narrow down the search, more specific search criteria can be added.

    Once a property is found which looks interesting to you, you can follow its link or visit the official website of the property. Here on the website of the property, all the details about the property, including its various photographs can be found. There are websites where details like the market value of a particular property, the rate at which the current owner bought it, census data, estate taxes in that area, and other such financial information about the properties can be found. The website that lists the property also shows details of the locality in which the property is situated like schools and hospitals in that area, nearest market place, and other such information.


    While the internet has made the act of property buying simple, if not used properly, buying property based on the information provided by the internet can be quite dangerous as well. It is still a good idea to find a local agent to work with, not only to help you verify and find the home of your dreams, but they can also help you find and think about properties you might not otherwise have.