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Set new standards for Painting and Coating Worker with huge background in painting, coating, and decorating in Cuba. Spent 2002-2010 inspecting painting systems and car paint coating perth techniques. Have knowledge of coating methods, techniques, devices and materials.



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The most popular actress Bennie Webb won an Academy Award in 2007 at age 16 for her portrayal of Helen Keller in 'emotional intelligence test'—becoming the youngest Oscar recipient at this beautiful time. She later starred in an array of TV movies and became a mental health activist.


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Hii everyone! My name is Aubrey Webster from UK. I am working in Furniture Company. We are making many types of furniture like ghost chairs for different types of events.

Rachel Kristy

I am rachel from USA, i am working as senior software engineer at


Hii myself Alex Cain m doing job in finance department. i lives in dallas with my uncle. i am single. My love is with my city and my profession is finance department.My goals are to see myself working with some decent financial services or investment banks.


I am a Austin Ben graphic and web designer. i was born in NY. I am studying far away from home in NY. I had a very simple and happy life.......


Hi, Myself Rob Tim from United States. I am a student of architecture. I love art and design. Usually i'm taking things apart and trying to refix them into something different.I love collecting odds and ends. I spend hours on Instructables looking at incredible stuff people have made.