Handle launch love

Response since hitting the AppStore mid-day Jan 22


  1. "I am so appreciative of your approach to juggling the balls of life! The whole big picture.
    I never thought I would be so productive in this life time without associated stress of juggling and dropping balls, losing them, wasting "me time". As I learn how to get a "handle on handle" I keep finding surprises that address universal daily living needs." Margaret
  2. "I have been using Handle for about 2 weeks now and I love it!! I have been trying to find a way to manage email and todo's for several years. Everything I have tried has been incomplete or so big and complex it becomes cumbersome. But you all have got this figured out! Fantastic!!"
  3. "I’ve tried at least 10 to do lists apps, and a few email managers, but Handle is my absolute favorite."
  4. "Handle is the first app I've seen, ever, that does exactly what I want in a task management app."
  5. "This app is amazing in every way. My new year's resolution was to stay organized and this is just what I needed! I found Handle on Product Hunt and knew from the beginning It would be a big help. Thank you!"
  6. "I discovered Handle the other day in the App store, and immediately felt like you designed it just for me. I've download it on my iPhone and iPad, and use it on my laptop as well. I feel like this is the beginning of a love affair. :)"
  7. "Wow... The Handle app is exactly what I've been looking for to keep me organized."
  8. "This is just the app I have been looking for. I have used Any.do & Todoist amongst others for awhile now, but the functionality and features of Handle RULE!"
  9. "First I just want to say: great app. I downloaded it on a whim (which I seldom do), and so far it’s blown me away. This is EXACTLY what my life has needed, and now it’s here! Thank you!"
  10. "Your app is perfect. It’s amazing. It’s simplicity at it’s finest without sacrificing utility. Good job guys, really good job."
  11. "I love this app! This coordinates email, calendar and todos like none of the many other apps I have tried."
  12. "I really like Handle and want to switch from using Any.do to your product. The killer component of your app is email handling. Love it and that alone will gain you the most users. For an app launch, Handle is amazing."
  13. "Handle is a potential game changer!"