Twitter Scavenger Hunt- Spring'15

So what we were told by Professor @KimFoxWOSU, is that we will be having a Twitter Scavenger Hunt! We ultimately needed more information about this exercise, yet that's all what we got.


  1. The start of my day reflected my understanding on the assignment.
  2. 30 minutes to class, and you can feel the tension in the air. I bumped into @omarssalem_ in the plaza, and went to class to record another vine.
  3. It's finally 2 p.m., and we are ready to kick off with the hunt. @ibrahim95Nour and I were assigned together in a group for this exercise.
  4. We started reading the assignment sheet as soon as we got it printed, then started the journey of running around AUC's 260 acre campus.
  5. We started off by asking a student on her source for news.
  6. I guess going through the first question was pretty tough on us, so we decided to pay a visit to a fountain near the library garden, resembling a scenic spot on campus.
  7. We didn't have that much time to enjoy the scene, as we had to go to our favorite spot on campus. @ibrahim95Nour likes to chill at the plaza, while I like to chill by Laroma.
  8. Enough with chilling, we have to repeat the first question again, it didn't include a quote!
  9. That was close! Moving on with the questions, we were looking for a professor who is moving around campus. And Professor Troy Headrick, was doing his daily exercise, so we stopped him to ask about his opinion on social media, and it's role in social change.
  10. Professor Headrick seems to have a healthy lifestyle. And AUC seem to protect the environment!
  11. And now, we should run to the sports center!!!
  12. AUC doesn't only provide sport facilities, but also offers students a wide diversity of student activities.
  13. Stress level is on the rise, and we still need to go to the food court!