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Hakan Ener

Musician Hakan Ener and his band Koma Denge Azadi (voice of the liberty) was one of the most popular Kurdish music bands in Kurdistan. The band was created in the year 1990 in Istanbul and became in the course of the next ten years to one of the most important and most successful Kurdish bands of music. The music direction of the Koma Dengê Azadî and other Kurdish music bands, which developed in 90's, was which completely new for the Kurdish music scene. They interpreted the authentic Kurdish Folk Music in a modern form new and inspired thus above all the juvenile Kurds. Koma Dengê Azadî published altogether 4 albums: 1. Hêvî (Hope), 1991 2nd Em Azadîxwaz in(We are liberty-loving, 1993 3rd Welatê min/Roj wê bê(My homeland), 1995 4th Fedî(Shame), 1998. Sources: -Musika Kurdi, Lyrics of Koma Denge Azadi: | -Wikipedia -Nation Master