Did You Miss the #PLA12 Unconference?

Live stream from the first-ever Unconference at PLA, which took place March 16 in Philadelphia, PA.


  1. "Get ready for the Unconference—a participant-driven, organic approach to conference programming! It’s education and networking all wrapped into one. It’s the chance to offer ideas. It’s the chance to lead a discussion. It’s the chance to network with other attendees interested in the same issues you are. Be sure to join this dynamic and engaging event!

    How does it work? With the assistance of moderator, Chrystie Hill, participants will:

          Propose ideas for Unconference sessions.
          Build the Unconference schedule with preferred sessions.
          Interact in Unconference sessions throughout the afternoon.
          Walk away with new ideas and energy."
    From:  http://placonference.org/unconference 
  2. After soliciting session proposals from attendees, each session advocate was given 30 seconds to pitch their idea
  3. Econtent folks at Uncon #pla12
    Econtent folks at Uncon #pla12