How to Stand Out when the Competition is Cutthroat

Upcoming Book, How to Hack Your Job Search - For Introverts, makes it easy to find your dream job

  1. There are more than a few Job Search systems out there. They're long, expensive, and frustrating... Not to mention if you're just doing it all willy-nilly. These "Systems" are designed to be long and drawn out on purpose. The longer it takes, and the more complex it appears, the more you'll feel like you need someone else to help you. And that's how some Career Coaches hit you in the pocketbook. They want you to feel like it's just too hard for you to handle alone.
  2. The forthcoming book, How to Hack Your Job Search - For Introverts, puts you back in the drivers seat of your Job Search.
  3. Let me put it this way... Imagine your job search as a running event. All the running coaches you to talk to tell you that if you want to win, you'll have to pay them a ton of money to train you for the inevitable marathon. Then they hit you with the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - This marathon includes a lot of dependencies. There will be potholes, you'll have to slow down every fifteen minutes to rehydrate, you can only run in the clothes and shoes they give you, and you'll have to stop every 30 minutes to pay for some more of their expert coaching advice. Oh, let's not forget that you're just one runner in a massive sea of runners.

    Now imagine if someone told you the rules have changed... That you could take a shortcut. All you have to do is sprint 100 yards to the finish line. And nobody else even knows about the shortcut. Would you still want to scuttle along with the plethora of runners for the next 4 hours? Or would you make a mad dash for the finish line using the shortcut you were just shown, and get the prize first? Because that's exactly what this book is. It's a straight-line shortcut that most people don't know about, and others don't even believe exists.
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