Weather for Fun Hackathon

What happens if you take 40-odd people, more snacks and caffeine than they can consume, a super-fast wifi network, a crate of goodies from RS, a large inflatable fish, and put all these together for a weekend in the Met Office? We didn't know either, but on 6th-7th October 2012 we found out...


  1. Saturday

    Saturday morning begins with project pitches in the conference room.
  2. Soon teams are formed and the delegates get down to work.
  3. The Good Day For... team are designing a weather forecast app that will be customisable to the user's hobbies:
  4. Hackathons aren't just for coders.  Here Felicity is storyingboarding the app:
  5. For a more physical hack, one team are attempting to build a 10g weather station to be carried by a toy helicopter.  A big box of components came from our sponsor RS Components.
  6.   They soon have the busiest table!
  7. 10g Weather Station Team
    10g Weather Station Team
  8. Michael and Peter test the temperature sensor for the weather station:
  9. The Predict the Sky team from our previous hackathon, the NASA Space Apps challenge, have reassembled to continue work on their app from that event.  It will tell you when it's a good night to go out and admire the sky.
  10. "Predict the Sky" Continues...
    "Predict the Sky" Continues...
  11. Meanwhile, a clown fish is spotted wandering around the building...
  12. Saturday Evening

    In the evening we have live music from the Met Office Jazz Band, Rosie Eade, Cat Called Elvis and Slim Pickins.  But the Fish is also still proving popular: