Your Nanomachines are Bad, and You Should Feel Bad

Or Why Mother 3 Is Good Because It Didn't Have A Message, I Guess


  1. (H: The Metal Gear saga deals heavily with themes of allegiance to one's homeland, the capitalistic nature of the military-industrial complex, and so on.)

  2. (H: Let's examine this tweet in depth, particularly this segment:)
  3. "Mother 3 doesn't feel like it needs to potray a message to proove its..." [sic]

  4. (H: The fact that it doesn't answer the question notwithstanding, let's contrast this with things that Shigesato Itoi has gone on record in interviews to say.)
  5. "I want children to understand that, too. But children are good at picking up the general idea behind things. In the future, if I happen to live to be 90 years old, I want one of those kids to come to me as a grownup and say, 'A long time ago, in third grade, I played MOTHER 3. I was really nervous and confused about what was going on in the hot spring in that tunnel... And that's what led me to the place I am today.'"
  6. "Of course, it's no good to go around making trouble for other people, but even if there is someone who is clearly troubled, even then I want to die thinking, "I know why you were born!" I want to die after living to the fullest. And I want to tell others to do the same. I want to tell mankind to do the same."
  7. "One of the underlying themes of MOTHER 3 is that there are two feelings--like, "C'mon, it's just a game," and, "C'mon, be serious, this is a game here." So I put a powerfully moving scene right in the beginning, as a testament to the interesting developments to come."
  8. "If we think of the world as one big, magnificent game board, for example, on that board, we acknowledge even mole crickets as participants. (laughs) Same with bad guys. This game has the message, "I'm even gonna treat you nasty people as participants!""
  9. (H: I'm at least fairly certain that Shigesato Itoi did, in fact, have things to say to the player as you went through Mother 3, but why take my word for it? Find the rest here:)