Coraline - Characterization

In the novel Coraline, the protagonist is a girl named Coraline, who is the dynamic character of the story.


  1.      Coraline gets captured in a mysterious place called the Other World, where a vicious beldam claims herself as her other mother. She refuses to let her get back to the real world, and decides to kidnap Coraline's parents. The two make a deal so that whoever finds the scattered souls in the Other World will decide if Coraline should stay with the other mother.

  2.      Coraline is a free-spirited, energetic girl who is always full of curiosity. She cannot stand being bored, and has to be kept busy. She likes to explore new places and to have exciting adventures.

  3. Someone I would love to meet #coraline #timburton #movie
    Someone I would love to meet #coraline #timburton #movie
  4.      The other mother tells her to stay and have fun in the Other World, where it's much more interesting than the real world. She is so friendly and much more welcoming than her real parents, and pays a lot of attention to Coraline. Coraline was a bit afraid of the other mother, but was sure her parents wouldn't even mind if she stayed, because they were always too busy doing their own work. 

    "Her pale lips mouthed,'Come back soon,' although she said nothing out loud." (pg.55)

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  6.      As she spends time with her other mother, Coraline realizes how much she loves her real parents, who she values the most. When her parents get kidnapped by the other mother, Coraline tries to overcome the fear, and decides to risk her life to save them. 

    "When you're scared but you still do it anyway, that's brave." (pg.70)

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  8.      Coraline had too much curiosity, which made her very risk-taking. She was always frightened and anxious, but was able to gain courage to save her family from great danger in the end. Now, she was a courageous young girl, never frightened of anything. Also, she learned that her parents love her no matter what, and that they care about their daughter even if they don't always show it. 

    "Normally, on the night before the first day of term, Coraline was apprehensive and nervous. But, she realized, there was nothing left about school that could scare her anymore." (pg.194)

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