cheap insurance quotes in ny

cheap insurance quotes in nycheap insurance quotes in ny


  1. cheap insurance quotes in ny
  2. cheap insurance quotes in ny
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://INSURE-HELP.COM/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Can I add my son to my fiances car insurance?
  6. My son just turned 16, and I have been researching insurance cost for him. My fiance drives a company car, and his own personal truck just sits in the driveway. It would be much cheaper adding my son to his truck (84.00) as an occasional driver versus putting him on mine (154.00) as an occasional driver. My car is considered a class C vehicle (Landrover) which is why it would be more expensive. Does anybody know if insurance companies would allow this, being that we are not married yet? Thanks!!"
  7. Car Insurance Temporary Additional Driver???
  8. I already have a car insurance policy with Churchill. I am doing a very long journey this weekend and want to Insure my boyfriend for 3 days to help me with the drive. Is it possible to put someone on an existing policy for 3 days?? I take it there would be a cost involved.
  9. My auto insurance raised twice as much for not being insured for more then 30-days?
  10. I had auto insurance with state farm and my policy was $180 (just liablilty)per month for 12 months. I ran into some issues with money and could not pay so I cancelled the policy and avoided driving for a little over a month. I recently went to another agency to find a cheaper insurance and they said since i had a registered vehicle that was uninsured for more than 30 days, there is a penalty. Now I pay $340 for 8 months (just liablilty). 3 agency's told me the same thing. My question is will this ever change? How long will I have this penalty ? I have a clean driving record besides this and feel this is unfair and cannot afford it. Is there anything I can do to go back to paying $180p month? When did insurance companies start doing this? I have not found anything similiar through my research. Thanks"
  11. If a car is in group 4 for insurance what does that mean? How much will it cost?
  12. If a car is in group 4 for insurance what does that mean? How much will it cost?
  13. Marital status for car insurance?
  14. trying to fill out an insurance quote and wondering what i come under for the maritial status, been living with my gf for around 6 ish months and we are engaged. these are the options i was given. married single common law partner(separate) civil partnership"
  15. What insurance plan is most affordable and supports therapy?
  16. Hi, I've been seeking good therapy since I was 17, I'm just wondering, what insurance plan is the most affordable as well as obviously covers therapy? Thank you"
  17. Do you have health insurance?
  18. if so, how much is it per month? how old are you? what kind of deducatble do you have? feel free to answer also if you do not have insurance."
  19. I hit someone car's door when I was parking. How much it will cost?
  20. When I parking. I hit someone's car then she was opening the door. How much should I pay? I have a learner permit and I was practice parking with my friend who is over 21 with drive license. When I practice parking. It was clear on my back but the last time I practice. There is a car just parked back me and I did not notice it. When she open the door. I accidently hit on her door. It is not too bad. A little bit dent. And she said she is going to call the insurance. If it is not too expensive. I will pay. So. I just wonder how much it will cost me. Thanks
  21. How much will car insurance cost me per month?
  22. I'm 18, just passed my test in April and want to get insured on my mums car. I want to only get insured for the summer so lets say i want to be insured for one month on my mum's VW Golf 1.8. I know its a big engine but its an ancient car...i think its 18 years old and my mums insurance is quite cheap atm she has over 6 years NCB i think. So how much will it cost me to be insured for one month on my mums insurance?"
  23. Insurance for 250 Ninja?
  24. I will be buying a new 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250. I'm 18 yrs old. We will pay the bike in full..... How much will be my insurance on this bike? thanks
  25. "What is the recommended amount of uninsured motorist coverage in Reno, Nevada?"