Just wut. No lol. Geordie Tait misuses Holocaust as comparison.

This happened:


  1. Wut? Misogyny, all oppression of women, is bad. That still doesn't compare well with the Holocaust. A note for the oblivious Geordie Tait: many of the victims of the Holocaust were women (and quite a lot of the perps too), and Geordie is misusing the Holocaust to make dubious points.
  2. So now Geordie Tait begins to sound like any neo-nazi skinhead. Seriously misusing the Holocaust just so he can describe his personal hate. Hate? See below.
  3. Arthur Chu is correct. Misusing the Holocaust to further the expression of one's personal hate of something unrelated won't actually help achieve equality - for anyone. But the important thing to Geordie Tait seems to be his hate - in other words, he makes it all about himself. His reply to Arther Chu's, "And I hate GG [GamerGate] as much as anyone", was:
  4. So now we know.
  5. So why does Geordie Tait do this?
  6. Oh. Geordie Tait is upset about #GamerGate, so he willfully misuses the Holocaust just to make invalid (apples and oranges) comparisons that have the side-effects of trivializing both actual misogyny and the Holocaust at the same time.
    How .... inept.