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Gun safety and children

A four-year-old boy accidentally shot himself with a gun he found at home over the weekend of Philadelphia. Here are some tips and links that can help prevent future incidents.


  1. First, the good news: The child is now expected to survive:
  2. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia saysTo ensure the safest environment for your children and family, do not keep a gun in your home.
  3. If you feel that you must have a gun in your home, you can follow this advice:
  4. University of Michigan Health System: In 1999, 3,385 children and youth ages 0-19 years were killed with a gun. This includes homicides, suicides, and unintentional injuries.
  5. Ohio State Wexner Medical CenterAn underestimation of children's ability to gain access to a firearm in the home is a common problem. In addition, unlike adults, children are unable to distinguish between a real gun and toy guns, and children are not able to make good judgments about how to safely handle a gun.

  6. According to the NRAIn a home where guns are kept, the degree of safety a child has rests squarely on the child's parents.
  7. It is vital that we recognize the risk to children of unsupervised access to guns and understand that there are common sense steps that all adults MUST take to protect children.
  8. As a firearms owner, it is your responsibility to know how to properly handle any firearm you own and also to know how to secure your firearm(s) in a safe manner in your home. Project ChildSafe has been created to help you accomplish these very important safety goals. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with or are unable to accept these responsibilities, we strongly urge you not to own a firearm.