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    8ca7aef5cf Those of us who do stand firmly with the Bible are constantly asked to defend such a position from its philosophical base, as if it were an outrageous, outlandish, and completely unbelievable point of view in light of the modern world's vast materialistic knowledgeTherefore as a title for our Lord, it clearly underscores the fact that He not only truthfully represents the truth, but that He is the truthDan.7:9; Matt.17:2; Mk.9:3; Lk.9:29; Rev.6:11; 7:9-14; 19:14; like the angels of God: Matt.28:3; Mk.16:5; Rev.4:4)
    Watertown - Main Street Graveyard - On the corner of French and Main street in Watertown there's a graveyard that has been reported hauntedThe importance of individual sanctification and discipleship to Jesus Christ has been undermined by the erroneous teaching of "once saved, always saved"Celebrity residents[edit]It is now out of business because of hauntings occurring in the stationThis is followed by an ultimate crisis wherein faith is either embraced or abandoned (analogous to the Tribulation)
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