Marie Colvin among journalists killed in Syria – online reaction

Messages, tributes and online reaction to the news the Sunday Times foreign correspondent Marie Colvin was among journalists killed in Syria - a summary


  1. In comments on our live blog of the unrest in Syria -  from blondbutintelligent:

    Thank you to the brave journalists on the front line informing the world . So sad for the loss

    From Gembar:

    Marie Colvin - RIP.

    I read and followed your stories for many years. I remember reading in how you were injured and your recover. You were a remarkable human being.

    You and your work will be sadly missed.

    From babyfairweather:

    RIP to these brave, wonderful journalists who died while trying to alert the world of the most tortuous conditions.

    'The function of language is not to inform but to provoke.'

  2. Sunday Times editor John Witherow put out a statement:
  3. Lots of people across social networks are linking to Marie Colvin's last report from Syria, filed on Tuesday, showing the death of a baby. *Explicit content warning* And more information is coming out about her final words on the unrest in Syria.
  4. Journalist Syria's government lies, Anderson Cooper 360