David Cameron #pubgate - Guardian readers' reaction

David Cameron left his eight year old daughter in a pub for 15 minutes - Guardian readers discuss the parenting PM, coverage of the story in the media, and share their own experiences in comments and on Twitter


  1. Following the Sun's scoop revealing UK prime minister David Cameron had left his eight-year-old daughter Nancy in a pub after a meal out with friends, Guardian readers have been quick to react with mixed opinions on the matter.

    On Twitter there were two clean camps between the 'haven't we all done it' and the 'PM can't run a family let alone the country' comments.
  2. And a few Guardian readers admit to having done the same:

    melrosechick writes:
    I cant stand Cameron to be honest but this can happen to anyone. I left my two week old baby in a pram outside of the chemist... walked home about 20 mins away, made a cup of tea, then sat there thinking i had forgotten something, sitting puzzling over what it was for the next five or so mins, then with horror realised i had left my precious bundle up town 'somewhere'! I ran back to town starting with the last place i had shopped at, there he was, sleeping beautifully in his pram none the wiser to his mummy having forgotten about him!!

    Serry1 adds:
    I thought I had lost mine and his buggy in a shop, and after alerting everyone, including the police, remembered he was at home with his dad :)
  3. graun writes:
    Hmm, If they'd accidentally left Nick Clegg in the pub, would anyone have bothered going back for him?

    Mezzamezza adds:
    As much as he cant look after his own daughter.... he cant look after the country!!!!! Another example of his bad choices and decisions!!!! He has made similar "mix ups" with the economy

    nuisverige quips:
    Couldn't they have left Dave behind instead. I'm sure his 8-yr old daughter would have made a far better prime minister.
  4. Then of course came the comments keen to compare Cameron's actions to some recent policy and parenting initiatives
  5. Many couldn't understand how this happened:

    Unless she's a very tall 8 year old, wouldn't Nancy need a booster seat? So if she'd gone in her dad's car, the seat should have gone with her. You'd think a parent just might notice an empty car seat.

    It happens to a lot of parents?! They forgot their child ffs. When you leave a place you make sure everyone is there. Always. I wouldn't let my 8-year-old go to the bathroom on his own in a pub in the first place. This is totally irresponsible behaviour, but he'll airbrush it out as he does with everything else.

    Although every parents' worst nightmare, this incident has major security implications. The PM and his family do not go anywhere without security staff, so what the hell were they doing?
    This little girl could have been kidnapped. It also has terrorist implications.
    Live and learn Dave. Sadly, you are not as perfect as you would have us believe
  6. Many comments have also raised questions about the media coverage of the story:
  7. yahyah writes on the politics live blog:

    Interesting that the right wingers already seem to be blaming the public sector - Cam's bodyguards - for it.

    Yet it's been reported in the Mail that the child went off to the toilet on her own without Cam and Sam noticing and then wasn't missed when they travelled home.

    Are Cameron's [presumably male] security detail really meant to be responsible for taking an eight year old girl to the women's toilets ?

    That's a parents role, shame her parents seemed to busy having fun to notice what she was doing.

    dellamirandola adds:
    we have spent weeks listening to Leveson witnesses telling us how the Sun likes to dump on people with personally damaging stories when it doesn't like them. This week Cameron is at Leveson and both the Sun and the Mail are covering this story, in the Sun's case after having sat on it for a few months until it could use it in the most damaging way. Isn't that the really interesting point here? I can't believe that you people are running this as a story about Cameron (worthy a diary item at most) and not about the media itself.