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Mohamed Morsi's question and answer sessions on Twitter

Some of the tweets from the Egyptian president's first question and answer sessions on Twitter designed to ease concerns following crackdown on journalists


  1. Translation using Twitter's Bing translate:

    My pleasure and honour to receive youth questions today from 9 to 9: 30 and writing him asking the question ;

  2. Question from @a7md3bdelbary: @MuhammadMorsi is Khtttkm resolve crisis blackouts?? What is your plan to resolve the crisis of diesel, when begins the Suez Canal Development Project??
  3. Translated reply: @a7md3bdelbary There ministerial group is working day and night to avoid frequent interruptions in the summer months and the development of the channel is about to start
  4. Question from @mehab86: @MuhammadMorsi Mr. President: Why the silence and lack of movement on your part and by the institutions and Ojhzhath towards devastation and destruction carried out by biased people in Egypt?
  5. As long as we have agreed on respect for the rule of law, I will not encounter with the law and we are able with God's help on it

  6. Question from @Arapawy2020: @MuhammadMorsi # Ask _ _ President Mursi Tmana Yaris intelligence work or are you alone Yaris reasonable nobody Arif Maine behind the thugs in the streets every Friday?
  7. Reply to I am not alone with me all Egyptians and people and institutions
  8. Question from @mohabmagdy: @MuhammadMorsi Mr. President, what is the schedule and criteria for measuring the success or failure of political and economic reforms in the country
  9. Translated reply to@mohabmagdy: Plans and programmes marking criteria and success indicators we need a little of the country so that we can comply with implementation phases
  10. Question from @el3atawy: @MuhammadMorsi # Ask _ _ President Mursi citizen is getting poorer .. What are quick fixes that will take to raise the living standards of the citizens?
  11. Translated reply: Every economic action revolves around social justice and simple citizen
  12. Question from @Truthcaller: Why is there no extensive media campaigns in the state media sharpen determination in the way of the Renaissance and urges people to change?
  13. Translated reply: We strive to achieve, God willing
  14. For more of the exchange see Muhammad Morsi's Twitter timeline.