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John Prescott inspires Twitter satire of housing sell-off

Former Labour deputy leader inspires spoofing of Policy Exchange's report into the future of social housing


  1. You have to hand it to John Prescott: he's certainly becoming the master of the mocking hashtag. Following the publication of a report into the future of social housing by think tank Policy Exchange, which calls for the selling off of social housing in rich areas to fund a wave of new building elsewhere, the former Labour deputy leader tweeted:
  2. He later added:
  3. Before long, the hashtag #LolicyExchange was trending, with Twitter users coming up with their own satirical suggestions of Policy Exchange-style blue sky thinking:

  4. This user made a sly dig at David Cameron, a known admirer of the think tank:
  5. And here we see a nod to Michael Gove, current Secretary of State for Education and one-time Chairman of Policy Exchange:
  6. Here are some other suggestions we enjoyed:
  7. Amid the deluge of suggestions - some more far fetched than others - one user had this worry: