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#GdnLunch: The best alternative tweets

In response to a Guardian callout to see what's inside the UK's packed lunch, the Twittersphere took the cue to turn the #GdnLunch hashtag into something completely different - here's the best of the alternative tweets


  1. So... when we asked readers to share a picture of their packed lunch with us in response to this story about parents opting for lunchbox meals over canteen dinners... we should've predicted the response which would come in. Similar to the 'I shop at Waitrose because' Twitter callout - users were inspired to team Guardian values with the ideal lunchbox scenario. Here are some of the best tweets:
  2. But oddly it's quite difficult to decipher the real packed lunches from the fake:
  3. But this looks just plain weird:
  4. To see some of the serious entries click here.