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#gdnchat on council tax benefit changes - your stories

very Wednesday we run a Twitter chat looking at some of the personal affects of the changes to benefits currently underway by the UK government. On Wed 6 February 2013 we look at how changes to council tax benefits are impacting on people's lives


  1. And below the line, a user commented:

    I am in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, (JSA), and receive both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. My Local Authority, (LA), is now informing me that i will have to contribute 20% of my Council Tax bill. My question is how am i to do this on my JSA? I already pay, by direct debit, for my Water Gas, Electric and TV Licence which costs me £120 per month. My Jsa Is £71 every 2 weeks. Therefore, after all my fixed costs are deducted i am left with £43 to feed and clothe myself per week. My La are asking that i pay 20% of my Council Tax, which is £17, leaving me £26 a week for food etc. How can anyone be expected to live on that amount?