#EgyPresElex - How election day in #Egypt was shared via social media

A round up of some of the best tweets and pictures posted to social media on the day of the Egyptian Presidential elections - 23 May 2012


  1. Voters posted images of their inked fingers on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram and shared excitement - many were voting for the first time. Various hashtags were being used by #EgyPresElex and #Egyelections seem to be the most popular.
  2. I did it ;) #egypt #elections #2012 #presidentialElections ������
    I did it ;) #egypt #elections #2012 #presidentialElections ������
  3. #egypt #egyelections #egypresident
    #egypt #egyelections #egypresident
  4. The Egyptian online scene were also delighted by Google Arabia's tribute to election day:
  5. There were also lots of pictures posted showing lines of voters - noting how many women turned out to vote:
  6. Also some tweets posted responses from people on how they voted and why:
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    You can also tweet you pictures and thoughts to @guardian on election day.