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#EgyElections day two - polls reopen after record turnout #29Nov

Polling stations were open once more across Egypt as voters took part in the country's first election since Hosni Mubarak stepped down in February. Follow live coverage on This Storify will be updated.


  1. Tweeters in Egypt awoke expecting big queues and long waits to cast their vote:
  2. Many voters - and businesses - are still seeing the lighter side of the queues:
  3. Online activist Ramy Raoof, who has been documenting events in Egypt online throughout the country's uprising and regime change, got in line:
  4. Al Jazeera's team on the ground are reporting on polling station activity away from Cairo in Egypt's villages:
  5. There have been mixed reports online about lower voter turnout on day two of the elections:
  6. Initial reports of voter turnout for day one have been released by the Muslim Brotherhood and details of interest in the vote online are also coming out:
  7. In what could be seen as a symbol of why these elections are so significant for many Egyptians, journalist Derek Stoffel posts this picture:
  8. For more Guardian coverage of events in Egypt follow our live blog and tweets from @hackneylad, @matthew_weaver and @@haroonsiddique.